From “The Brain” to “Gaza's Shadow”: Here are the Hamas leaders included on the Israeli blacklist

Tighten the circuit Israel About senior leaders agitation. Very fresh kill of Saleh Al-Arourithe second-in-command of the pro-Palestinian organization as well The characteristic of the union Between the group, Iran and Hezbollah, it could be the first in a long line. Yes, because Tel Aviv has repeatedly made clear that its goal is to neutralize every name in it Black list. A list full of most wanted terrorists, untraceable for years and hiding abroad in golden exile. It does not matter much that eliminating them one by one risks spreading the conflict, currently limited to the Gaza Strip, to the rest of the Middle East: Israel wants to complete the mission. These are the Hamas men targeted by Mossad.

Ismail Haniyeh: Supreme Leader

Ismail Haniyeh He is the supreme leader of Hamas. He and his family left their home in the Beach refugee camp in Gaza about two years ago to apparently move to luxury hotels in Doha. His life was marked by the struggle against Israel, which cost him three years in prison during the First Intifada. He lived in Lebanon until 1992, when he chose to return to Gaza and join the ranks of the Palestinian fundamentalist movement. In 2017, he became head of the political bureau of Hamas.

Yahya Al-Sanwar: The Ghost of Gaza

Yahya Al-Sanwar He is the head of the political wing of Hamas in Gaza, a key decision-maker and responsible for the political line that must also be followed – and above all – towards Israel. He was released in 2011 in a prisoner exchange deal with Israel after spending more than 20 years in prison, and was sentenced to four life sentences. This man is also the mastermind who allowed Hamas to receive millions of dollars from him The State of Qatar To alleviate the poverty experienced by the residents of the Gaza Strip.

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Muhammad Deif: “The Brain”

They called him “Brainiac“but also”The ghost of Gaza“So few have direct contact with him that anyone doubts his true identity. He is public enemy number one of Israel, which has repeatedly tried to kill him over the past 20 years to no avail. Muhammad Dhaif He is the military leader of Hamas. He escaped from an Israeli prison and is accused of organizing countless attacks. There are very rare photos of him from many years ago, but a recent photo of him was published in recent days by the Israeli Armed Forces. The guest could have taken refuge in the Gaza tunnels or perhaps escaped abroad.

Khaled Meshal: Head of the Political Bureau

This brings us to the head of Hamas's political bureau abroad, as well as one of the movement's founders. The former number one man in Hamas Khaled Mishal In 2017, he made way for Haniyeh. In September 1997, he was the target of an assassination ordered by Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu. He currently heads the group's “external” political bureau and lives in Qatar.

Marwan Issa: one of the minds of October 7

Marwan Issa He is vice president Al-Qassam Brigades. Like other Hamas leaders, he is considered one of the organizers of the October 7 attack. The Israeli army has been trying to kill him for some time. The Israeli army killed his brother and destroyed his house twice, but failed to arrest him. His nickname is symbolic: “the shadow“.And he should hide in Gaza tunnel.

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Mahmoud Al-Zahar: prominent member

He is a member of the political bureau of Hamas, one of the founders of the movement, and a senior and experienced member. He actually ended up in the sights of Israel, which unsuccessfully tried to kill him in 2003.


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