Aisha was born on a journey thanks to a Canadian doctor, the baby's name is in her honor

A miracle in flight. This has happened. miracle (miracle) AishaIt’s a newborn baby on a flight Qatar Airways Coming from Doha and heading to Uganda thanks to the intervention of a Canadian doctor, Aisha KhatibLecturer at the University of Toronto.

The plane had left Doha about an hour ago when the search for a doctor began on board: a woman, a Ugandan immigrant in Saudi Arabia who was returning home, was preparing to give birth. BBC reports

Thus, Aisha was born, a little early in the 35th week of pregnancy, but she is healthy. He named her Aisha in honor of the doctor.

She gives birth in the car on autopilot. The birth of the world’s first Tesla baby

The baby was born on a scheduled flight in the middle of the Pacific Ocean to the applause of the passengers

Last update: Saturday 15 January 2022, 09:03

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