Tours FC is finally allowed to go to National 3

Tourangaux is called Sky and Black, and in recent years the combination of these two colors has been synonymous with a dead-end horizon for the club that was still playing in Ligue 2 in 2017-2018.

But the mitigation took the form of a decision statement issued by the DNCG Appeals Committee on Tuesday: Banned from promotion to level 3 by the club’s regional monitoring committee after taking first place in the R1 group, Tours FC deemed this decision invalid. The transcripts are published on the FFF website However, he notes that TFC’s payroll will be overseen for next season.

A refund plan approved by the Commercial Court

In recent days, optimism has been stern at the club, while representatives of local authorities have vowed to defend Tours’ cause. What can smile to the leaders of Tours, while the recovery plan was approved by the Commercial Court in early May, including a ten-year spread of debt estimated at around 4 million euros, a plan that was conditioned on climbing to the N3.

After landing and administrative cuts (2019), climb bans (2020), white season punctuated by new cuts (2021), the infernal snail appears to be reversing in Tor.


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