Tahir Rahim, from Rastignac to Don Juan

He has the seductive energy of Tom Cruise, a foggy throaty voice you could recognize from a thousand and playful smiles of a kid who played you a good trick. Tahir Rahim is Don Juan. On screen, in . format Don Juan Signed by Serge Bozon, it was presented at the Cannes Film Festival before being released to theaters with a step (“Don Juan upside down, with amorous sadness like no one sees in a man in the cinema”explains well). And Don Juan is in town, able to reluctantly charm you as you smile – as here in the modern, carpeted lobby of the Marriott – before people who pass by interrupt him in welcome.

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He says that in order to make sense of this cinematic Don Juan, stunned at losing his love to take another look, he thought: “We must not forget that a character is an actor. To understand this madness that inhabits him, I thought he must be confused. I’ve read things like this: actors who don’t get out of character, who mix things up and end up in a psychiatric hospital.”

“You don’t feel more alive than surviving.”

It is anything but that. In Tahir Rahim, nothing confuses. It seems that he was not, since that day, at the age of seventeen, when he found out in the Republican East, at his home in Belfort, an advertisement appearing in a short film. It’s been three years since the youngest of his ten siblings left Algeria – where he was studying Arabic – for the French Eldorado, who had been working for better pay at Alsthom, promised a future to his sons, no longer leaving cinemas.

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“I had an extraordinary childhood, nothing to say, then after adolescence we chase something else and there I go to the cinemas, he picks me up, I like the atmosphere, he lets me escape, and then I had a way back. I went there five times a week, for two years without It stops, then slowly turns into a vital need.” Responds to advertising for plugins. It was there that he met Cyril Menegon, the future director of Caesarized Louise Wimmer.

Step by Step

Because contrary to what we often imagine, Tahir Rahim is now a world star (to see why by Joachim Lavos the past Asghar Farhadi The secret of the dark roomDe Kiyoshi Kurosawa, sinner By Kevin MacDonald or soon Napoleon from Ridley Scott…), torn to shreds by glossy magazines, undetected during the wild casting of convict’s interpretationProphet by Jacques Audiard. Man built himself step by step voluntarily.

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