Opinions are divided over the portrait of Mrs. D by Pablo Larren

A talented gothic autobiography or a certain gruesome tale? Pablo Larren’s new film, dedicated to Calvary, Princess of Wales, divides the editorial staff. Just like interpreter Kristen Stewart performed.


s indelible photos

Once upon a time, there was a princess who could no longer bear to play the fairy tale game, so much so that it turned into a nightmare, and the golden cage of appearances became a mental prison… after Jackie On Jackie Kennedy, Chilean Pablo Larren captures another “wife”, Diana, the idol sacrificed at the altar of powers and protocol, to continue his remarkable and atypical task of deconstructing biography, between public image and intimate abyss, rigidity imposed by decency and inner storm.

The beginning of the film clearly places the bets: on the one hand, it is the army itself, in a truck on the main road, who delivers the victories to Sandringham House, the castle where the royal family prepares to celebrate Christmas. In the kitchens, a poster is for employees and can actually read as a warning about a horror movie: “Make as little noise as possible. They can hear you.” On the other hand, Diana, alone in her mini convertible, gets lost on a country road. From the beginning, the itinerary Even For this wife like no other who is thinking of leaving her husband. After she was late, the butler greeted her in an empty hall with an unsettling and icy smoothness, played by Timothy Spall. We’ll later wonder if Pablo Larren didn’t consciously choose the actor for his previous job as Voldemort’s servant in the saga. Harry Potter, Little by little, the director will transform the princess into the heroine of a horrific tale.

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