“I won 100,000 euros in one month.”  Here’s how he did it

visiting ParisAnd Istanbul And Greece Within a Week At Age 11: Only If You’re Pixie Curtis. The girl is among the youngest Australian entrepreneurs and is already enjoying a legacy The fruit of his work, his productive mindset, and the activities supported by his mother.

She traveled with her family for her summer vacation, and displayed luxurious platforms on social networks, causing the envy of her peers, but also of the many who follow her on social networks.

This is Pixie Curtis.

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Pixie Curtis is 11 years old and has a net worth of around €7 million. Her parents, Roxy Jacinco, an Australian businesswoman, and Oliver Curtis, a former banker, took the young businesswoman and her brother on a tour of private jets, restaurants, and luxury hotels.

Entrepreneurial activities of Pixie Curtis

The young woman, from Sydney, has amassed a fortune from her own brand of hair accessories pixie bows;which her mother, a public relations expert, helped produce.

Then, in recent years, he’s launched a business of fidget spinners, which are little things used as toys or as an anti-stress. It consists of a kind of small top whose rotating body is held in the center by a non-moving part. for him fidget pixie I made more than 100,000 euros in just one month.

Meanwhile, the student spent nearly €23,000 on her birthday party, which included a DJ, fireworks and a professional photographer. While the mother spent 190 thousand to buy a car for her daughter.

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The young entrepreneur, through her activities, is among the wealthiest Australian minors.

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