Marianne James: Her rare confidence in her beginnings 'on the street': Femme Actuelle Le MAG

When her name is mentioned, many think of a juror France has incredible talent Based on new star, or in Singer with a very strong voice. But Marianne James has gone through many stages Before you get that fame. “For ten years, it did not work”Explained in December 2015 in Columns Sunday newspaper. And for good reason, the singer was in the prime of her career competition with women who did not resemble him physically. I was in competition with little girls, you were not my class. I didn’t find my dimension (…) We thought I was a German bisexual“, I have captured.

Monday November 1, 2021, is with TV 7 days That Marian Gandolfi, her real name, captured again His first appearance in music. In fact, a friend of Helen Segara, Eric Antoine and young Sami benefited from one of the exercises Hardest for the artist: Street school. “The hardest part is the street without comparison, Captured the artist, according to information from the pure, before adding: Among the people who do not listen, the unhappy merchants, Policemen who sometimes interfere, And other groups that want the place…”. But Marianne James does not regret enduring this before knowing fame. “If you know how to manage things, you have won everything.” confirmed.

Marian James: Her pride was ‘never rebuilt’

Today, Marianne James obviously did since its inception. she Actually kisses A great professional career in music. In 2015, she specifically mentioned what makes her proud: “I am lucky You don’t have sea urchins in your pockets Based on It is not rebuilt at all. It becomes a source of pride for an actress who is over 40 years old. Because everything is different pass through a scalpel“. A follower of the positive body, the artist does not hesitate to talk about his weight, without taboos, so as not to hinder those who suffer from the gaze of others.

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