'My dear children': Josiane Balasco and Didier Bourdon are hilarious as undeserving parents

Here’s the timely comedy before Christmas to downplay the importance of family relationships. Since their two children, Stéphane and Sandrine, left Roel Malmaison’s large home to settle in Paris, ten years ago, Chantal and Christian have never heard of them. Even worse: the son comes only to retrieve his shirts ironed by his mother (when he does not send a courier), and the little girl showers his parents even at his birthday lunch.

So, Chantal and Christian have an idea to “bait” their offspring: they make “little sausage” and the “big bunny” thinks they’ve won the lottery! The stunt works great and the offspring appears quickly, but dear parents find themselves trapped … the comedic carnage of the actors (Josiane Balasco, Didier Bourdon, Marilou Berry, Ben, Laurent Stoker), all excellent, hugely effective. And if one takes great joy in front of these caring “dirty kids” and in front of the cruelty of these deserted parents, it is because by caricature, this comedy is true.

After “Angry Sisters”, “Mum” or “Alternate Guard”, director Alexandra Leclère expected a very funny, but also well-watched film, about empty nest syndrome … and the ingratitude of young people towards their parents.

Editor’s note:

« my dearest children ”, The French Comedy of Alexandra Leclerc with Josiane Balasco, Didier Bourdon, Marilou Berry and Ben … 1h35.

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