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Baby Aguilar He can say that two of his four sons are following in his footsteps, and they have a very promising career in Mexican music. Leonard and Angela They’re focused on staying ahead of the show and that’s why they shouldn’t be distracted.

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The planning put in place by the entire Aguilar family in order to achieve the desired goals requires a lot of effort and perseverance, so it is not uncommon for parents to not want anything that affects their children and their dreams.

This is why in a recent interview, he had a colorful reaction when asked if he’d like to make him one of his very young in the not too distant future.

The Mexican artist has spoken out about the possibility that his children will make him grandparents (Image: Pepe Aguilar/Instagram)

Babe Aguilar’s reaction to possibly being Grandpa

In conversation with the program”America wake upThe Mexican translator was asked before he might become his grandfather. As expected, he issued a negative answer in a strange way.

“For your mouth to become pork husks, at that moment I don’t even know what that word is”were his first words about her, which sparked laughter between him and the interviewee.

In the same way, he made it clear that these things would simply happen and that it would be a decision entirely up to his children, and he would have to respect it when the time came.

“What will happen will happen. So the moment they want to take that step they won’t ask me, neither the boyfriend nor the girlfriend will tell me”he added Baby Aguilar.


Singer Ranchera has given birth to four children over the years, and currently, all of them have come of age. The names of the heirs and their music are: Jose Emiliano, Annelies, Leonardo and Angela.

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Coincidentally, it is these latter two who tend to follow in the footsteps of their father, who supports them very much with the goal of continuing to be successful.

And there is no one better than him to know what to do or not to do in this race of which he is a dedicated man in Mexico and several countries.

How much does Angela Aguilar cost for a private party?

With three albums as a soloist and two awards to her credit, the singer earns a personality 74.8 thousand dollars for a private partyAccording to what was expressed by the channel in . In the event that the stakeholder wishes to have the “reality” translator present with his father, Baby Aguilarthis amount would amount to 250 thousand dollars. More details here.


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