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How Much Does Ghost of Tsushima’s DLC Cost on PS5? / Photo courtesy of Sucker Punch Productions

How Much Does Ghost of Tsushima’s DLC Cost on PS5? Since pretty much the same content is bought no matter which console a person buys, it makes sense that the prices would be the same. Unfortunately for some Ghost of Tsushima fans, this is not the case. Here’s a breakdown of how pricing works for Iki Island DLC from Ghost of Tsushima.

The first wrench in this machine is that the Iki Island Extension cannot be purchased on its own. It can only be accessed as part of Ghost of Tsushima Director’s Cut slated for release on August 20. The Outlet Edition can be purchased on its own by players who don’t already own Ghost of Tsushima, in which case it’s priced at $60 for the PS4 version and $70 for the PS5, but those who already own the game can pay nearly standard DLC prices for upgrades to Director’s Cut.

Players who already own Ghost of Tsushima on PlayStation 4 can purchase Director’s Cut for $20, or they can purchase the PS5 version of Director’s Cut for $30. Those who already own the game on PS5 can pay $10 a bit cheaper for the outlet’s discount.

Purchasing Exit Parts will unlock Iki Island expansion. Exact details of what the island will contain are still being rolled out, but Sucker Punch Productions has shared some interviews, and the rumors have been shared more.


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