saga lovers Hello start to worry infinite aura, the smallest in the series which, according to the statistics reported by users, would have lost a significant part of its player base – more than 100,000 players To be more accurate. The game is still doing well with 30,000 active players signed up last month, but the multiplayer mode is accessible for free, so it’s really legitimate to ask a few questions.

This huge loss of users is most likely due to the lack of response from the developers regarding many issues that players have raised since the launch of the online beta, in particular the economic model of the game, the difficulty of obtaining rewards cosmetics, the mandatory crossover and the lack of content. If it is difficult to speak of a real disaster, the departure of so many players just two months after the release of the online beta remains worrying for another important future exclusively for Microsoft.

And you, dear readers, what do you think of this news? Are you still playing infinite aura Or did you switch to another game? Feel free to give your opinion on this situation in the comments section of the site! In the meantime, we leave you with the can-opening video of Xbox Series X Halo Infinite Edition Limited Console Presented by Titeboy, responsible for the site Control unit !

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