Felix Götze darf das Krankenhaus laut Vereinsangaben am Dienstag verlassen.

First clear to Felix Götze: 1. FC Kaiserslautern confirmed on Tuesday that the brother of former German national player Mario Götze suffered a concussion in the third division match against MSV Duisburg (1: 1) on Monday. “Victoria from Berlin two months ago with a skull injury or a hairline eruption that has healed as a result can be discarded.According to the association, Götze is again allowed to leave the hospital during the day.


Gotze clashed with Rolf Feltzer of Duisburg in a header fight in the 86th minute of Monday evening’s game, initially immobile and then had to be taken off the field. Kaiserslautern spokesman Stefan Roßkopf said German Press Company But in the cabin immediately after the game Godse said he was alert and responsive. The 23-year-old was taken to Duisburg Hospital for further detailed tests and was allowed to leave on Tuesday.

For Götze this is already the second head injury this season. In August, Victoria suffered a fractured skull while playing in Berlin and was admitted to the intensive care unit. This forced him to rest for several weeks. 1. With FC Kaiserslautern, he has played a total of eight matches (one goal) in the current season and is seventh in the third division table after a point against midfielder Duisburg.

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