Is it covid?  his answer

COVID-19 infections are increasing and fans are disproportionately concerned about the ex-fiancée of men and women

Matteo Ferravanti and Noemi Barato (Instagram)

Matthew Ferravanti e Noemi Barato They seemed to be the perfect match, but they lasted less than expected and left once the program ended. However, the former suitor men and womenFor a while, she disappeared from radar screens, but when she reappeared, her spirits seemed very low.

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Despite this, the swap She has always brought positive content to her followers, even admitting that she hasn’t been feeling well lately.

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Men and women, does Noemi Baratu have Covid?

men and women
Noemi Barato (Instagram)

One user on Instagram asked him: “What happened to you? You disappeared. Do you have Covid?” and answer Noemi It was not very clear. Previous Matthew FerravantiIn fact he wrote: “Hey guys, I didn’t take my cell phone much, I was not feeling well, I also find myself in the same situation as many people”But what was the situation he was referring to? Her somewhat ambiguous answer aroused the suspicion of many followers of the previously unintelligible suitor.

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to conclude, Noemi he wrote: “I hope to recover soon and I wish the same to all of you.”. According to her response, the former suitor could also have a minor effect causing her some discomfort which she hopes to recover from as soon as possible to continue enjoying the days in peace.

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