With this hybrid, we're just one step closer to our first 100% electric Corvette.

During his appearance on Squawk Box, Chief general motorsAnd Mark Royceannounced that they are working on a All-electric Corvette. Although he did not reveal when he would be ready, he did mention that a A hybrid version of the sports car will hit the roads next year.

Although we’ll have to wait for the details, expectations for an electrified Corvette are pretty high.

Will we be close to the first electric Corvette?

Many internal combustion fans may be concerned about what Mark Royce’s announcement means, and the fact is that he made it clear that General Motors intends Continue to produce internal combustion Corvette Together with fully electrified and electric motors.

Photos: General Motors

The truth is that when a battery-powered model arrives, it will have to offer impressive performance specs to compete with its internal combustion siblings. For example, Z06 has a file 670 HP 5.5L Flatbed V8 Enginewhile some rumors suggest that a hybrid model could offer it 100 horsepower with a twin-turbo electric motor.

The following electrified Corvette models will use the technology GM Ultium battery They will also introduce a new technology for capturing heat.

In addition, today we are also announcing the Ultium Platform Energy Recovery, a patented compact system that takes heat generated from electric vehicle batteries and uses it to heat the cabin, creating more efficient charging conditions and even increasing the vehicle’s acceleration. And it can increase the range of compounds by about 10%,” Royce said.

Regarding the photo, it seems that the prototype shown has exactly the same chassis as the petrol Corvette, and the main difference could be the yellow color of the brake calipers.

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Expect to learn more about Corvette’s broader lineup of hybrid and electric models in the coming months.


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