Augsburg Panthers: AEV scorer Stephen Tolzer leaves Augsburg Panthers

He is the legend of the club. Stephen Toltzer is now leaving the Augsburg Panthers. He wants to reorient himself for the new DEL season. His number 13 will never be given again.

Stephen Tolzer leaves the Tiger Augsburg for the new season. The club announced on Thursday. Toltzer is one of the club legends at AEV. After leaving the Panthers, he does not want to stop playing ice hockey.

Steffen Tölzer leaves Augsburg Panthers – he’s AEV قياسي record player

Tölzer began his career with AEV in 2000 – first with the junior team, from the 2003/04 season also with the pros. The defender has been a permanent member of the team for many years, and in 2014 he was elected captain of the team.

As the Augsburg Panthers announced on Twitter, the number 13 worn by Tölzer in the AEV will not be awarded to other players. In addition, after the end of his career, he should earn a place next to No. 7 from Duanne Möser and 5 from Paul Ambros.

Club legend Stephen Tolzer says of his departure from AEV: “A wonderful period in Augsburg is ending for me. Farewell is not easy for me.” But now is the time to set other priorities in life and make room for younger players, according to Tolzer, according to Augsburg Panthers. “I definitely want to play again in front of the spectators, so I am looking forward to the new challenge.”

Sporting highlights, downsides in secret: This is AEV record player Stephen Tolzer

At the time of Tolzer with the Augsburg Panthers, there were many notable sporting events, for example the victory in the Dolomitencup 2019. He was also there to achieve the greatest success in the club’s history: in 2010 the AEV won the runner-up championship.

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Tölzer is associated with home. The ice hockey player of Graben in the Augsburg region has been a member of the municipal council since 2020. But there are also dark sides to his private life: in the spring of 2020, it became known that the Munich prosecutor’s office was investigating the captain of the AEV.

Goodbye, record players: Stephen Tolzer says goodbye to AEV

Photo: Stefan Buechner, d

Tolzer pushed a man onto the track bed on the S-Bahn during Oktoberfest. Tolzer accepted an eleven-month prison sentence and subsequently resigned his position as leader of the Panthers. (The)

You can also listen to our podcast Stephen Tolzer Which we recorded in the fall of 2019. It was narrated in it Tolzer About village life, fistfighting and his career in AEV:

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