Application Dublin Treaty And to make the nations whose flag-flying NGO ships are responsible for welcoming it: a seemingly simple recipe, that suggested by General Leonardo Tricarico, but no European nation seems willing to follow it to the end.

Responsible countries

“In the case of NGOs, the state that Science Being hit by ships must take their responsibilities”the former Chief of Staff of the Air Force ruled during an interview withAdnKronos. Thus, there is an indisputable fact, given that when you set foot on a boat, it is as if you are entering the national territory of the state whose flag the vessel is flying. “Dialogue at this point must take place between the two governments, because their arrival in Italy means the benefit of a measure.” clandestine immigrationcontinues Tricarico, then explains why the Dublin Treaty is implemented with two scales and two measures by the European Union.

“My understanding is that the State Department probably doesn’t want to get too caught up in the problem of content dimensions.” The reasons for the former Chief of Staff of the AOS,“However, it is ironic that when migrants disembark in Italy by other means, the Dublin Treaty is brought into force for which Italy must take charge, and when they disembark instead from NGO ships, we always have to take care of them and not the country to which the ship belongs,” which Dublin does not apply to it, which seems to apply, paradoxically, only to us.”

What should actually happen

Therefore, in the latter cases, Norway and Germany should take care of the immigrants, without condition or reservations. Moreover, the dispute about the long-awaited long-awaited landing on the coasts of our country is not relevant. “If these ships had immediately headed to the ship’s home countries”In fact, the general points out,“They surely would have taken less time than it would have if they had been at the marina waiting for a slow pass.”.

Another very simple solution to solve the problem and give weight to the Dublin Treaty is for non-EU citizens to get land in Italy then “Take them by plane charter From the countries of origin, those who fly his flag on ships. This means applying the Dublin Treaty, which we are always required to respect while others always turn away.”

The debate on the Euro Sar

Could the decision to set up a European search and rescue system (Euro SAR) be profitable? Tricarico’s opinion is positive, and this is also due to the fact that something similar already exists at the EU level. “Exactly the same thing happened in the airspace and today the air circulation is managed at full capacity from Brussels by Eurocontrol.”Indeed, the General explains.“All regional air traffic control centers of the countries become only executors of orders issued by Eurocontrol”Identifies , “No one can move in European airspace unless they arrive with permission.”

Such a solution can also be assumed in relation to marine spaces, possibly assigning new powers and responsibilities to those already in place. emsa, which is the European Agency for Maritime Safety, which can therefore take care of the management of the emergency phases associated with the phenomenon of migration. It is clear that the rules will all be determined with great precision: rules such as, Tricarico concludes, “Determining the safe harbor, the carrier which shall carry out the rescue and distribution of migrants among the various countries, just to name the most important.”


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