Goodbye scooters.  And in Paris they will be banned from September

Paris, August 22, 2023 – Goodbye scooters. In Paris, the scooters are being removed, the “Trounetites” that will disappear from the “Ville Lumiere” will be removed. 15 thousand. This process will start soonSeptember 1And on that very day Paris It will be the first European capital to abandon these means.

Electric scooters have been one of the discoveries revealed in recent years, and they are used not only by tourists with “sharing” services, but also by workers and citizens to move around the streets of their cities in a green way.

Planned intervention is the result of an outcome Citizen poll Who last April 2 announced the end of scooters. In an advisory vote organized by the city hall on its use, approx 90% of the voters Those who went to the polls (representing 7% of those registered due to strong abstention) voted in favor of the ban. App-enabled electric scooters arrived in town in 2018. Anne HidalgoThe Paris mayor pledged to implement the result. They have the three operators Dott, Lime, and Tier Mobility Until August 31st for its complete liberation The French capital will be transferred In Bordeaux, Lille, Berlin, London, Tel Aviv, Copenhagen and Belgium. This decision can put 100 jobs are at risk.

Paris Commune He had publicly encouraged voters to opt out, lamenting that accidents had increased by 189% since 2019, and that the scooter had created an alarming climate in the capital. The top management of the three excluded companies is crucial.


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