Despite her exclusion, Comoros gained respect

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After losing to Cameroon on Monday (January 24th) in the Round of 16 of the 2022 African Cup of Nations (2-1), Comoros honored their colors and supporters. Despite the absence of a professional goalkeeper and the match played almost entirely at 10 vs 11, the Cœlacanthes sold their skins dearly. Even the indomitable lions salute their bravery.

From our special correspondent at Olympic Stadium,

The adventure stops in the Comoros. new in this can 2022 With The Gambia, Comoros achieved a major feat in qualifying for the Round of 16. But the run to the quarter-finals against Cameroon was very high. Especially with all these absences linked to Covid-19.

with one Professional defender in the cage, with Captain Njeim Abdo ejected in the seventh minute for a dangerous gesture, the Kolakanths had plenty of elements against them to topple the indomitable Lions. Which did not stop them from raising their hands until the very end.

Attendance is the champion of the evening

Even the Cameroonians congratulated their opponents after the victory. ” Congratulations Comoros Karl Toko Ekambi, the evening’s top scorer, slipped. Eric Maxime Choupo-Moting was also full of praise: Don’t underestimate the team. Although Comoros is not a big soccer country at the moment. Respect them. They had a very good ten-man match. »

It can be said that Shakir was the one who received the most praise. The left-sided defender of AC Ajaccio, who had not played a minute in the CAN, was lined up in the cage, with a cobbled number 3 on his back. He admitted that he bowed twice. But the new guard also launched some rallies, which drew applause in the stands.

With a No. 3 at the back studded with plaster, the thankful defender played as a goalkeeper for Comoros against Cameroon on January 24, 2022.
With a No. 3 at the back studded with plaster, the thankful defender played as a goalkeeper for Comoros against Cameroon on January 24, 2022. © Pierre RENÉ-WORMS / RFI

« The attendance was huge Said the director of the lunar mourning Hamidi. ” It was unusual. What he did today .. he gave himself to the nation. It’s a big thing. We are proud of him, he did a great match. It’s beautiful, what he did Midfielder Fouad Bashir added.

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« Dice loaded »

The coelacanths still have their throat remedy. ” The dice has been loaded since the beginning Al-Haddad Hamidi estimates. « We would have liked the rules to be the same from the start. “, he added. The same story with Fouad Bachiro: ” The foundation of football is to be fair for all. Especially when new rules are made the day before but they don’t apply to everyone. »

The Cypriot AC Omonia player is thinking of Ali Ahmed, who was banned from playing against Cameroon despite negative tests on Monday morning. CAF’s reminder of the rules (the one that was a discovery for some) stays across Fouad Bachiro’s throat:

« The rule went out yesterday (Sunday): A player who tested positive and became negative must be quarantined for five days. why ? No idea. Suddenly, in this moment of competition, we ask ourselves questions. Note that it starts from the round of 16.. There was a match from the round of 16 yesterday; The rule has not been applied. why ? »


Eric Maxime Choupo-Moting, sympathetic, couldn’t help but say ” a bit of a pity for the Comoros. ” It hurts to lose players to Covid. “The Bayern Munich striker, unsuccessful, also praised the intensity of the attendance”: The goalkeeper played a great match. The whole team played a great match. »

The disappointment of leaving Canada is a stubborn inevitability. But among the Comoros, there is a sense of pride. ” We hold back from making any effort to show our value and honor our flag and our people. Al-Haddad Hamidi claimed, more than satisfied with his players. breathtaking ». « I hope the people of Comoros feel proud and happy with the performance “, he added

« We can go out with our heads held high Fouad Bashiru families, on his part. ” I am proud of my group, proud of my brothers, and proud of representing my country The player, who does not forget to connect the fans with his congratulations, insists.


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