The United States is moving.  An aircraft carrier heading towards the eastern Mediterranean

The United States reaffirms its alliance with Israel at the most dramatic moment in the modern history of the Jewish state. US Secretary of Defense, Lloyd AustinHe reiterated that his government will do everything in its power to ensure that Israel obtains weapons and everything necessary for its security. As he writeshandlethe Israeli Ministry of Defence He would submit requests involving combat munitions directly to the US Secretary of Defense. The fear, according to many observers, was that congressional obstruction would slow US decisions, even if it concerned military aid already guaranteed under previous contracts.

Moreover, as further evidence of the complete closeness to the ally in the Middle East, the head of the Pentagon himself announced that Aircraft carrier USS Gerald R. Ford It received orders to head towards the eastern Mediterranean and the Levant to approach the Israeli coast. The aircraft carrier will be accompanied by its own strike group, including cruisers and destroyers.

For the United States, this decision is certainly aimed at ratifying the military axis with Israel while the country is mired in a wave of attacks organized by Israeli security forces. agitation. But at the same time, the American move to move the Ford aircraft carrier towards the waters of the Jewish state joins a series of measures that Washington has been implementing for several months to strengthen its military presence throughout the Middle East. This is in particular to contain Iranian activities in the Persian Gulf and Syria.

During the past year, the Pentagon worked on the regional file, especially by sending newer generation fighters. Moreover, this was announced at the beginning of August Sending three thousand marines to the Persian Gulf. men Bataan Amphibious Ready Set The 26th Marine Expeditionary Unit accompanied the landing ship’s passage through Suez USS Carter Hall And based on US Bataan.


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