Compensation for genocide - an opinion

eIt is important to call things by their names. If you want to learn from history, you cannot stick to the rules of the past. From today’s perspective, the numerous campaigns and victories or actions mentioned in the history books are basically nothing more than mass and genocide.

It is also appropriate to address historical injustice politically today. Because it has consequences in every way. Of course, the demands for forgiveness and compensation, as they have been over time and have now been set by Germany with Namibia after years of negotiations, remain a balancing act.

The guilt of the ancients, no matter how great it may be, if carried out so vigorously today, it has moral self-exaggeration; One is washed away from distant sins and feels good. Although things have to be called by name incessantly, the historical context should not be ignored. Descendants of offenders and victims are not criminals and victims. But as a state, Germany must be held accountable for its historical injustice. The federal government is good at providing comprehensive assistance, giving priority to those who really need it, but at the same time (and) not recognizing any legal entitlement to payments. Because it’s about reconciliation.

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