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Weather, June 2023 warmest on record
Weather, June 2023 warmest on record

The beginning of June was the hottest month ever recorded with the +1.5°C threshold crossed over the pre-industrial era; However, according to preliminary surveys, globally, June will be the hottest month in the historical series in the JRA-55 dataset. The thermal anomaly of +0.52°C during 1991-2020 exceeds the previous record of +0.32°C in June 2019 and +0.28°C in 2016 after the Super El Nino event. The last month of June below average is from 2008. This record can also be confirmed in the ERA5 dataset.

This warming is due to several factors. The primary trend of global warming is above all the warming of the outer regions resulting from 3 consecutive years of La Niña and to which the El Niño warming is added.

Warming also comes from the oceans, Particularly from the Atlantic where the type of trading brought record values. These marine heat waves, in turn, led to land temperatures reaching record highs seen during the month. With the record heat in June, 2023 is set to be the hottest year on record.

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