Halo Infinite will get four new playlists on December 14th - including Slayer

infinite aura You get Slayer, Free-For-All (FFA), Tactical Slayer (SWAT) and Fiesta playlists, according to last reddit From u/ske7ch343, better known as 343 Industries Community Manager Brian Garrard (via Windows Central). Jarrard confirmed that the four playlists are coming to the game via an update on December 14.

343 Industries previously reported that Fiesta, SWAT, and FFA playlists will be coming to the game by the end of the year, while the Social Slayer playlist won’t arrive until sometime in 2022. In his post, Jarrard acknowledges that the developers have promised a Social Slayer playlist with A variety of new variants. But since this wasn’t accomplished before the holidays, 343 has decided to launch a core playlist in Slayer first, and will “look forward to strengthening and expanding with more variants” in the future.

Currently, you cannot choose your game mode. You’re forced to switch between Capture The Flag (CTF), Slayer, Strongholds, and Oddball, which is obviously a pain if you prefer to play one type of game. It’s also annoying if you’re tasked with completing a challenge corresponding to a specific mode, however, 343 addresses that complaint as well – Jarrard says the December 14th update will remove “particularly frustrating” mode challenges as well.

The update will also reduce some challenges requirements, make the weekly final challenge “less intense”, and add special challenges for upcoming playlists. 343 is also slowly trying to implement performance-based XP – something the game doesn’t currently offer – by adding a challenge category that is “based on player points accumulation”.

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Right now, you’re only rewarded with XP for completing challenges, not for every game you play, which has been a major complaint among players who want to level up. Last month, 343 attempted to address battle pass progression issues by adding a “Play 1 Game” challenge, increasing the duration of XP boosts, and rewarding players with more experience points for the first six matches they play in the day.

In addition to these changes, Jarrard also noted that developers are working on a fix for “intermittent hiccups” that appear to be affecting Big Team Battle (BTB), and is taking a look at matchmaking after hearing reports of “potential anomalies.” although infinite aura Officially released on December 8th, players are still waiting for the co-op story mode set to become available in 2022, as well as a way to replay individual levels in the campaign, which 343 says it will add but doesn’t have a specific timeline for.


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