Finally comes clarity on devices that consume even when turned off and now we’re not talking about anything else.

Understanding which devices are consuming when they are turned off means understanding how to really save which is really important for families.

I love trade

As of this October, bills have increased by 60% and status Many families became tragic.

A tragic case on bills and household appliances that consume when turned off

Today, the dirty maneuvers of international economic speculators and Putin’s shutdown of the gas taps are causing electricity and gas bills to soar.


When Draghi said a few months ago Do you prefer calm or air conditioning in the summer? No one imagined that the air conditioners here in the summer would turn into such a massacre for families and businesses. In fact Putin after brutally invaded Ukraine It also gradually turned off the gas taps and now it is important for families to save on their consumption household appliance. Let’s see how to do it and what devices consume when shutdown.

How to really save at home

First of all, let’s start with ways to really save a lot on household appliances. Devices are now real vampires It eats money and so saving is really important. First of all, it is necessary to keep the refrigerator more than ten centimeters from the wall. In fact, the refrigerator is the only appliance Which is always working and therefore if not positioned to work well it becomes a sting. But then it is also important to change the refrigerator seals with new ones that avoid dispersing the cold. But also the important thing is to turn down the heating at night and only heat the bed with an electric blanket.

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How to prevent devices from ‘eating’ rewards

Today there is a lot of talk about bonuses on bills and the next government is vowing to increase them, but if we are not careful about the devices that consume bonuses, even state aid will be of little use. In fact, the next government should expand the audience for bonus bills and provide 15,000 euros from ISEE. Lots of families can get it. But the problem, according to consumer protection associations, is that household appliances are still on standby by the Italians. It has been repeatedly said that household appliances should not be left on standby But they really need to turn them off but many Italians still don’t. The clever trick is to connect multiple devices to one power strip in just one way Toggle you can turn them all off.


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