Not only bougainvillea, the perfect climbing plant is something else

Bougainvillea is one of the most popular plants for decorating your home, but the perfect climbing plant is another, and it’s beautiful.

Gorgeous Infernal Climb (Photo via Pixabay)

Bougainvillea is one of the most popular plants for decorating your home, but the perfect climbing plant is another, and it’s beautiful. Climbing plants are great for covering empty walls, covering dirt and other purposes Decorating homes, balconies and gardens. These plants have flexible branches, colorful flowers, and strong stems, and they grow and scramble upwards.

Climbing plants create green barriers around our homes, along walls. But not only that, because they also serve thermal insulationThus protecting from heat and cold. They need care, and from time to time they need thinning, otherwise they turn into pests. But there is a wonderful plant that we can grow instead of ivy or bougainvillea.

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The perfect climbing plant exists, let’s find out what it is

The perfect home plant - Mandevilla laxa
House plant, Mandevilla laxa (Image via Pixabay)

Almost everyone in the house puts ivy to cover walls and porches, or if you want to exaggerate the color, you grow a beautiful bougainvillea. It adorns this pergola and the walls, but there is another ornamental plant that excels at it beauty and brightness. Do you want to know what it is? Her name is Mandevilla Iaxa.

over there Mandevilla Iaxa It is a wonderful climbing plant, with showy, colorful flowers and very round, glossy leaves. Its beauty will take your breath away and leave you ecstatic. In addition, it releases a strong aroma. It blooms in spring and originates in Central America. It grows mainly in Peru, northern Argentina and Bolivia. It does not require much care, it is a very resistant plant and can reach five meters in height.

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Just water it now and then and prune it in the appropriate months. It also withstands long periods of drought, but does not like it Still water. The ideal soil for Mandevilla Iaxa needs draining and loosening. If it is grown in pots, it is necessary to lay a layer of expanded clay, in order to avoid the formation of stagnation.

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During the flowering period it must be fertilized. mandevilla He loves the sun and the lightBut it is vulnerable to parasite attacks. Its smell attracts them, so the best way to remove it is to spread natural pesticides. A great natural way to solve the problem is to sprinkle garlic or any other seasoning around the bushes.


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