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As you know, WhatsApp has led to apps iOS and Android strange function that allows us to format some multimedia content so that they can Automatically removed after first sight. It is a very useful option for sharing material that we do not want to go viral and end up in the hands of millions of users.

To do this, we simply have to tell WhatsApp that this image or video does not want to be stored in chats, so when the user receiving it sees it, it disappears from timetable. And you’ll think, What positions would require such a job? Well, if you are a spy then it will surely come in handy for sharing secret enemy base plans, or if it comes to groups of friends, To send account users and passwords to them that you share (at the appointed time).

Now on WhatsApp Web

The web version of the messaging app, you know from other posts and news, He is always the last to know about these improvements. It is in great contrast to the desktop application which also adds functionality smart phones with some delay. This makes sense because the majority of users use the . extension a program Through cell phones and PC only when we are working or sitting to do it from home.

Single-use photos and videos on WhatsApp Web.

What now They just posted it From WABetaInfo is to capture this functionality so that photos and videos can self-destruct as soon as they are shown in any chat we decide for ourselves. You just have to activate charging with this feature So that the browser version we also send is deleted without saying anything to anyone. as in the case of smart phonesIt will be a function that we will activate at the time of shipment.

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Various devices, also on your desktop

Another seen functionality of the desktop version of WhatsApp is the functions Use multiple devices with the same account. This function, which every passing day is less like what users imagined, will allow us to use our account without having to connect or turn on the mobile phone to receive and send messages.

Various devices on the WhatsApp desktop.
Various devices on the WhatsApp desktop.

It has nothing to do with the original idea of ​​being able to activate one or more mobile phones same account: In the end It will be multi-device between apps by WhatsApp With the ability to read messages offline. But only between the web, desktop and mobile versions, we’ll also see if the iPad tablet and other models are compatible.


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