stalker 2 heart of chernobyl 4

During his every appearance, stalker 2 Chernobyl heart He never stopped fascinated thanks to the amazing artistic display. We can then wonder if the title worked well on Unreal Engine 4, if only with a slightly improved version, but the studio came to clear things up on Twitter, while announcing good news for those who swear by the physical versions.

Unreal Engine 5 in the program

stalker 2 heart of chernobyl and therefore entitled to A physical copy when released, thanks to a collaboration between GSC Game World and Koch Media. Even if the title is also expected on Xbox Game Pass, I would undoubtedly be pleased if some were able to get a physical copy of the game.

And since good news doesn’t come on its own, we’ve learned that The game was running on Unreal Engine 5, the latest engine from Epic Games.

This was confirmed by an exchange between the game’s official account and the Epic Games account, playing on the fact that it was kept secret until now. This will be one of the next generation games to come to us that will use the engine, and we can’t wait to see the results early next year.

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stalker 2 heart of chernobyl It will be available on April 28 for PC and the Xbox series.


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