Migrants, Lampedusa under siege: more than 3,300 arrived in less than 72 hours

More than 3,300 migrants arrived in less than 72 hours. Still under siege, Lampedusa was where the landings resumed at full speed for several days. On the largest of the Pelagie Islands, the Harbor Master’s and Coast Guard’s patrol boats go back and forth from Favaloro Pier. A non-stop relay race with dozens of marine buggies being intercepted in the waters in front of the island. After a truce of about ten days and associated with poor sea conditions, dozens of small boats attempted to cross in the Mediterranean, which remained deprived of civilian rescue ships. Yesterday, the record for landing in Lampedusa was: 41 with the arrival of 1,867 people, almost four times the number of migrants who arrived the day before, March 8, when the small boats were intercepted, it was 13 with 470 ships sunk.

Today, in a calculation that is set to increase in the next few hours, there are already 22 disembarkations and 990 people have arrived. Endless disembarkation and a hotspot, the region of Imbriacola that can accommodate 400 migrants, collapsed with about 2,900 people. If the center explodes, transfers are made with difficulty, despite the efforts of the Prefecture of Agrigento. Galaxy ship this morning due to poor sea conditions, in fact, did not dock the largest Pelagie-class ship. Only 112 migrants left the island, boarding the Diciotti, which had already rescued about 500 people from 19 overcrowded and endangered sailing ships overnight. Tomorrow morning they will arrive in Reggio Calabria. On the other hand, four left from Lampedusa by helicopter for Palermo and Agrigento: medical evacuation required for three pregnant women and a man who are guests of the hotspot.

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