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VfB Oldenburg took a big step towards a third football league on Saturday. BFC Dynamo, the champions of the North East Regional League, won the first round of promotion to the champions of the Northern Regional League 2-0 (1-0).

By Martin Schneider

Robert Zeitersky was the shining hero of the game. Midfielder Lower Saxony celebrated his two goals (27th, 78th) and left Berlin as a worthy winner. The long-awaited return to professional football after 25 years – it is now in Oldenburg’s grasp.

After the final whistle, Lower Saxony fans hugged each other and celebrated the brave performance of their players and the huge victory. “We were well prepared for the opposition and we knew what to expect,” said VfB captain Max Wechner: “It’s good, but we have not won anything yet.”

“We wanted to be brave, we became champions – it’s not our thing to hide here.”
VfB- Oldenburg-coach Tario Fosi

On June 4, in the second leg at the local Marshweg Stadium (live on NDR TV and the NDR Live Center), the promotion to the third-highest German division will be decided. Wegner said: “It will be a very hot game. The BFC will try everything again – we will fight it.”

Oldenburg determines game, BFC tension

Although the hosts’ anxiety at the sold-out Berlin Sport forum was initially evident, Oldenburg did not hide. The 600 VfB fans who traveled saw the good and offensive performance of their team, however, they failed to create clear scoring chances from the game. As a result, a corner kick started Lower Saxony’s deserving lead: Dennis Angel crossed, and Jietzsky jumped very high, hitting the ball with his head to the inner post from close range, from which he jumped into the goal (28th).

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Two minutes later, the guests shouted again, but BFC keeper Dmitry Stazilla Wegner’s dangerous shot bounced off the left corner. Chief Lower Saxony provided even more protection and was on the defensive. The BFC failed to create significant scoring chances in the first half, with the VfB defense controlling Berlin striker Christian Beck. “We were very strong in the first half, we were consistent, we didn’t give up,” Fossey praised his team.

Oldenburg can not free itself

After a change of pages, the hosts also discovered Dead Ball as a useful tool. In the 49th minute, Oldenburg goalkeeper Belle Bowing saved a corner kick against the Nicklaus brand. This was the starting signal for a long-term pressure from the home side. As a result, VfB could not provide relief.

Preferred capitals increasingly oppressed guests and wanted to force balance. In the 67th minute, he almost fell: after a cross, Beck was alone in the six-yard box – and headed home to the width of the goal. The high scorer of Regionalliga-Nordost then tore his hair off the floor, and the Oldenburgers took a deep breath.

Goetzersky is punished by the PFC for goalkeeper mistakes

The VfB slowly slipped out of their grip, but the BFC kept them away from their target with counter-attacks like Pinbrick. He also used the mistake made by Berlin goalkeeper Stazilla in the 79th minute to cool off. The keeper misjudged Rafael Brand’s cross and allowed Geitersky to go into the empty goal from close range.

The rest are cheers in blue and white. The double baker ran to the away block and celebrated 2-0 with the fans. After a fantastic final, referee Nicholas Winter blew the whistle – and VfB supporters were delighted with their team’s big step towards a league three hike.

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1st Match Day, 28.05.2022 2:00 p.m.

BFC Dynamo


VfB Oldenburg



BFC Dynamo:
Stajila – Weigel, Rehr, M. Plum, Hertner – n. Brand (69. Kleehs) – Breitfield (69. Steinborn), Seebeck (88. Klump), Pollach (46. Schulz), Poliki (46. Kertz) – Peck

VfB Oldenburg:
Bowink – d. Engel, Appiah, Siala, l. Teachman (70th Nystock) – Zeitersky – Schmidt, Kaisis (88th Herbest) – Brand (87th Saga) – Adedula (71st Lukovich), Wechner (65th Ephedico)


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Oldenburg manager Rudy Azawar (left) with coach Wolfgang Sitka in 1991.  © imago-images Photo: nph / rust

30 min

Oldenburg was once a North German football stronghold and almost ascended to the Bundesliga. 30 min

Mike Lukovich of Oldenburg on a megaphone © IMAGO / Nordphoto Photo: Rojan

The former Second Division team is set to win the Zonal League title. If he gets promoted, he will probably have to move. This ground is not suitable for the third division. Further

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