Crispy Cream has donated 1.5 million donuts to vaccinators

(CNN Business) – Vaccinated recipients accept Crispy Cream’s free donuts offer.

In March, the chain announced a special ad for Americans vaccinated against COVID-19: Show you’ve got the vaccine and you can get one free donut a day throughout the year. So far, Crispy Cream claims to have delivered more than 1.5 million donuts through that deal.

That’s a lot of donuts. And the company expects this number to continue to increase.

“We’re on track to deliver millions of donuts as more people get vaccinated,” Crispy Graeme’s chief marketing officer Dave Skena told CNN Business in an email. “It makes us so happy!”

Incentives to increase vaccination in the United States 2:44

To qualify for the solution, customers must show their immunization registration card. Anyone who has received at least one injection of Pfizer, Moderna, or Johnson & Johnson vaccines is eligible.

Crispy Cream is one of many companies Use gifts to encourage more Americans to get vaccinated. Budweiser offered free beer, Jr.’s cheesecake cheesecakes, and Nathan’s hot dogs gave people hot dogs (you guessed it).

Companies provide cash incentives and vaccination time for their workers.

Lotteries to promote vaccines against Govt-19 in the United States 0:55

The White House recently reported that more than 50% of American adults have received at least one dose so far.

For Crispy Graeme, the promotion could be a way to increase noise and awareness as it expands and prepares to go public.

Last year, Crispy Krem opened a space 418 square meters (4,500 square feet) A frozen waterfall in New York City’s Time Square, a 24-hour street supply window, exclusive items and stadium-style seats allow customers to see the donuts being made. Crispy Cream is opening up additional new locations in the city, however there are no such extensive features.

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In May, the company secretly issued documents of the initial public offering. But last year, Crispy Cream made a move in the opposite direction of rival Dunkin ‘. Inspire Brands, a holding company that owns fast food restaurants, Announced in October Dunk’s acquisition took the private label on a $ 11.3 billion deal.


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