By merging the old PlayStation Plus and PlayStation Now, Sony has created a single service Always richer in content. This includes features such as online multiplayer, the ability to play in live broadcasts and catalogs of games drawn from each generation of consoles. Three distinct formulas have been published to give you maximum options.

We start with PlayStation Plus Essential which actually includes all the features included in the previous version of the service. For €8.99 per month (or €24.99 for three months and €59.99 per year), you’ll have access to online games with your friends, the ability to send backups to the cloud, free games every month, and exclusive PlayStation Store discounts. A record level that pleases ordinary players.

Those looking for a richer experience can turn to PlayStation Plus Extra. In addition to the above benefits, members enjoy a catalog of 375 PS5 and PS4 games. It includes some of the best titles released in recent years and you’ll have plenty of time to download them for free. Count this time €13.99 per month, €39.99 per quarter or €99.99 per year.

Finally, let’s conclude with the apotheosis of the PlayStation Plus Premium level. This definitive offer contains a catalog of more than 400 “classic” games. In this category, titles released on PS One, PS2, PSP, and PS3 invite to the party. Time-limited beta versions for recent production are also among the benefits. Cloud-streaming access to older games (PS One to PS4) is even available on cards. All for only €16.99 a month, €49.99 for three months and €119.99 for a whole year.

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