These Pen Tablets will be announced very soon

The brand has announced the launch date of its new range of tablets on August 10. It raises the stylus support while scrolling.

Xiaomi Mi Pad 5 will replace Mi Pad 4

The Xiaomi Mi Pad 5 will replace the Mi Pad 4 // Source: Xiaomi

Can we read disdain for Samsung? While Xiaomi has just overtaken the Korean giant in the world’s largest seller of smartphones, it is planning to launch its new line of tablets with the Mi Pad 5, the first tablet the manufacturer has introduced in four years, and that’s just a day before the unboxed Samsung Galaxy.

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It’s not enough to disrupt Samsung’s big block, especially since these launch dates are often planned in advance, but the wink is there.

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We learned, as is often the case, on the Chinese social network Weibo. The Chinese giant writes on his account the following: “It’s done! Xiaomi Tablet 5, released on August 10.”

The brand will meet at 7:30 PM for the official announcement, so we can expect that at 1:30 PM in mainland France.

Source: Xiaomi / Weibo

Source: Xiaomi / Weibo

A visual image posted by the brand confirms the stylus will be supported by Mi Pad 5. According to a recent certification with the FCC, it could be called the Xiaomi Smart Pen.

Rumor has it that the design of Xiaomi’s futuristic tablet could be inspired by Apple and the iPad Pro, sold with the Magic Keyboard.

Three possible models

We’re expecting a range of three models, all with 10.9-inch IPS LCD screens with 2K definition and a 120Hz refresh rate. Differentiation will occur on SoCs, the latter ranging from the Qualcomm Snapdragon 870 to the top end model, via the S860, all the way up to the Snapdragon 768G in the more accessible version.

One of the Mi Pad 5 offers that can be found on the web

One of the Mi Pad 5 offers that can be found on the web

The top-of-the-line model will have a 48MP main camera and 67W fast wired charging, and the S860 will have a 12MP camera and 22.5W charging.


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