Report: Bundesliga wants Hertha coach Carsten Schmidt to succeed Seifert - final talks soon?

The new Managing Director of the German Football League (DFL) could come directly from the Bundesliga. Such as picture Hertha president Carsten Schmidt is reported to be leading the list of candidates for the German Football Association (DFB) looking for a successor to Christian Seifert. The current Bundesliga coach announced last year that he would not extend his contract with the league, which will expire in the summer of 2022.


According to the report, the DFL wants clarity on Seifert’s successor by mid-August at the latest. The German Football Association’s Supervisory Board about Peter Peters, currently the interim president of the German Football Association, is currently in talks – also with Schmidt. However, Hertha’s contract with the CEO of the Big City Klub may turn out to be problematic. The 53-year-old, who was the head of the pay-TV service provider from 2015 to 2019 before joining Hertha sky Germany’s contract with Hertha remains until 2023. Schmidt only started his job on December 1, 2020 – but it must have been rowdy picture Talks with the director of Berlin enter the crucial stage.

If Schmidt becomes the new Bundesliga coach, he could have a partner on his side. to me sports image As of Wednesday, the FA is considering the management duo who will jointly take over as general manager Seifert following his planned departure in 2022.. According to this, one of the new Managing Directors must take care of marketing and representing the interests of the German Football League in the German Football Association, UEFA and FIFA, in relation to society and politics. The second new director will be responsible for operational operations at the DFL, reports sports image It relies on information from the supervisory board.

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She also said that under certain circumstances Seifert could step down early after an internship for the new administration. The 52-year-old has been leading the Football League since 2005.


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