Tony Parker (President of Aswell):

DJ Parker (Aswell’s coach, 2022 French champion after winning the 5th match against Monaco): “This last game is good for our game and you can’t do better. It is played at stops, we know how to be mentally strong, we will never give up, and at the end of the match and overtime, every action becomes important. But it is unique! Finish at home after Game 3 (Monday, June 20), Everyone thought you were done. And then it’s a 3-beat (Three), Like the Chicago Bulls. With the brothers, we grew up with it. With this winning attitude, our father gave us and we try to give back to the soldiers. ⁇

Tony Parker (Aswell’s President): “What a finale! It was the dream final between the two best teams in France, the two Euroleague teams. I have rarely experienced a match like that, an incredible match in terms of intensity. Every action is important. It is very, very difficult to win a third title in a row. I am so proud of this team that has never given up. We lost 1-0, 2-1. The way we won the 4th match in Monaco and the way we won the 5th match was incredible. When it comes to Aswell the players know they are going to win titles. We continue this beautiful tradition.

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“Losing Coupe de France is a blessing in disguise”

Tony Parker, Aswell Chairman

Doing 3-beat in our country is amazing. I have always had faith in this team. Lose Coupe de France (Quarter final removal) A blessing in disguise: it helped re-engage the team and we finished well. We know it is important to finish first (From regular point) Because it is always best to play the 5th match at home. The only thing we can regret this year is injuries. We had a great start to the Euroleek season and could dream about the top 8 spots. This is a motivation for the years to come: we still want to become one of the best teams in Europe. The project is progressing, we are trying to improve the budget, the new room is coming in 2023, all of which will allow us to grow. ⁇

Paul Lacombe (back of Aswell): “This is my third topic with Aswell, what more can you ask for? This time with play-offs (Smile). We know that this match 5 is going to fulfill all its promises. I think this match will go down in history, which was the exception. When Monaco comes back, on the bench, I’m white, I’m angry. I remember all the finals I lost in the past (Six in a row between 2014 and 2019). There, after a missed free throw, is the flash of Eli Okopo genius (Basket and wrong). And William Howard, exceptional, clearly makes to win the match. I think this is my best title. ⁇

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