35 Hours in Paris: Anne Hidalgo's Plan b

To his first city council Bitter failure In the presidential election, Anne Hidalgo sees a difficult problem: the working hours of agents in the city of Paris. While they currently work 33.5 hours a week, the Civil Service Change Act, which came into force on January 1, 2022, requires all municipalities to change their civil servants to 35 hours a day. Increase in working hours not accepted by the agents of capital.

In anticipation of this obligation and to quell the anger of the unions, an advisory meeting of the Paris City Hall last July created a register of so-called “capital slavery” that allowed agents to benefit from an additional three days of RTT. , Under the pretext of having difficulty working in Paris. To counter this maneuver, the government seized the executive court, which at the end of 2021 challenged the system implemented by Anne Hidalgo.

Use another lever of difficulty at work

The majority Socialist It must therefore reconsider its plans, while on Tuesday, May 31, condemned the increase to 1607 hours, and launched a new call for a strike by the Paris-based union, which had gathered under the banner “Not a minute yet.” Annual working hours compared to the current 1552 hours. This week, a new debate will be proposed. It is based on the phase of “subsections”, the categories that allow employees to act on behalf of the various constraints they encounter: rotation, difficulty or variation of tables. For example, the principle of night work or shift rotation is mentioned. The package will include 55,000 agents in the city, according to Paris Townhall, and will allow them to create RTT for up to 27 days in exchange for the few minutes of extra work they do each day.

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To act on all possible levers, Paris City Hall One factor that could increase the difficulty of the task was to study with the Ministry of Public Service to find out if it could play with the age of the staff. She has not received an answer to date.

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While the town hall seems to be struggling to avoid long-standing dissatisfaction with its agents, these new proposals do not inspire confidence among the union, which calls for the withdrawal of the primary measure of “capital slavery” in July: three days’ extra RTT to work in Paris.



The first cabinet of the new government will be held on May 23, 2022 at the Elysee Palace in ParisFrederic Filloux


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