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The attorney general also for classified papers held on Joe Biden, as well as those of Donald Trump. Around Rob Hoare, a former Maryland attorney and former Deputy Attorney General, appointed by the billionaire. This was announced by Attorney General Merrick Garland under mounting pressure after the discovery A second slide of confidential papers is in the garage of the President’s house in Wilmington, Delaware, more than two months after the premiere.

Storm desperately threatens his long-awaited re-nomination, with the sword of Damocles “Special Counsel” while he was in office for another two years, as happened to his predecessor with Robert Mueller and Rossiagatti. And with the new Republican Speaker of the House Kevin McCarthy decrying “double standards of politicized justice,” calling for a congressional investigation, while some committees now controlled by the old big party have launched their attack on Biden and his family, starting with his son Hunter.

Donald Trump goes on the offensive, tooHe even called for the dismissal of Special Prosecutor Jack Smith, accusing him, his wife and friends of hating them.

The White House revealed the embarrassing discovery of a second set of classified papers related to Vice President Biden’s presidency (concluded in early 2017) shortly before the president commented on the “good news” of low inflation at a press conference. A statement said his attorneys discovered “among personal and political papers a small number of other Obama-Biden administration documents bearing hashtags. All but one were found in a storage room in the garage of the president’s home” in Wilmington. “A one-page document was found among materials stored in an adjoining room,” while “no documents were found at the Rehoboth Beach condo,” his beach home.

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“We are confident that a closer examination will prove this The documents were moved by mistake “Confidential last November 2 in a former office of Biden at a think tank in Washington,” the White House said.

The President reiterated the position when pressed by reporters at the end of the press conference. A Fox reporter exclaimed, “Secret documents near his Corvette?” “My Corvette is in a locked garage, okay? It’s not like they’re on the street,” he exclaims. Then the president revealed that the search for other government documents after those found in November ended yesterday, adding another question about the long periods of investigations.

All others remain: How confidential and sensitive is the information contained in those documents? Why didn’t they immediately return to the National Archives? Was it stored properly? Why did the White House wait more than two months to reveal the news, until after the midterm elections in the week after the first revelation? And why did the Justice Department immediately announce the confiscation of Donald Trump’s confidential papers, complete with photos, and instead handle the Biden case differently? The questions were also raised by The Washington Post in an editorial accusing the president of being equally “irresponsible,” an epithet Biden used to criticize the billionaire’s behavior in the case of the documents at Mar-a-Lago.

“Impeaching Trump, but not Hillary Clinton or Biden, for mishandling classified documents will be very difficult to explain to Americans,” the capital notes.

Meanwhile, Trump is preparing to open his presidential campaign With the first public event at the end of January in Columbia, South Carolina, while potential names for her ticket start circulating, it’s all women: most loyal Reps. Elise Stefanik and Marjorie Taylor Greene (close to QAnon conspiracy theorists), South Dakota Gov. Christie Noem and former Arizona gubernatorial candidate Carrie Lake. But also Fox News collaborator and former Democratic Rep. (since 2022 independent) Tulsi Gabbard.

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