Coca-Cola frappe fort avec une nouvelle boisson «au goût pixelisé» !

Good news for Coca-Cola fans. And for good reason, a drink with a split taste will soon land.

A big surprise is preparing next to Coca-Cola. And yes, the soda giant will do Suggesting a very special taste drink. MCE TV tells you everything from A to Z!

Coca-Cola renews itself

No one can miss the Coca-Cola phenomenon. And for good reason, these popular drinks Cause a sensation all over the world. Yes, only that!

But recently, Coca-Cola I decided to renew. In fact, the latter is trying to do things for the better. It must be said that the issue of the well-being of the planet now occupies a large space on the part of the customer.

And so, the soda giant decided to take off 100% recycled plastic packaging. So he announced that he wanted to prepare his new packaging by April 2022. Moreover, this pack will be intended for 50 cl small format bottles. Something that pleases those who are most sensitive to the issue of protecting the planet. cool !

but that is not all. Indeed, this year Coca-Cola is committed to making decisions for the good of the planet. And so, by the end of the year, The company will launch eco-friendly caps for its bottles. In short, Coca-Cola is more committed to the environment and protecting the planet. cool !

While waiting to learn more about these new devices, Coca-Cola continues to work on its recipes. Furthermore, the most greedy will be able soon Discover a new flavor. And yes, a split taste is coming soon. MCE TV tells you more!

A split-flavored drink?

It’s no secret that Coca-Cola drinks have been a huge success all over the world. I must say that The brand continues to introduce new flavors. To the delight of the greedy.

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But recently, Coca-Cola decided to be the original. and yes, Noon coffee drink. Even if the flavor wasn’t unanimous in 2006, the group decided to revamp the experience with five new coffee flavors. WL!

But this time, the soft drink leader decided to make an unusual drink. And for good reason, A split bait will appear in the Metaverse. But do not panic, as of May 2, the latter will be available on the shelves.

Moreover, Coca-Cola claims that the taste will surprise its customers. Then he said: “We wanted Create an innovative flavor inspired by pixel fun, rooted in the experiences that make play possible. » Not bad !

So this is a zero sugar byte. For the occasion, the brand decided to create A custom island in Fortnite. Therefore, Pixel Point provides the possibility for players to participate in a large number of mini-games. These are related to the world of the brand.

In fact, Coca-Cola is not the first group Throw a virtual drink. And for good reason, Heineken has also launched its own beer into the metaverse. So this aroused the interest of netizens. Yes!

But beware, this new Coca-Cola will be on sale in a very limited fashion. In short, it will not be necessary to delay before buying it to taste it. See you next May 2. Follow.


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