Whatsapp renews voice messages!  It's possible now

Whatsapp has completely revised voice messages – it’s all possible for users now

WhatsApp: You should never make these mistakes

WhatsApp: You should never make these mistakes

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With The WhatsApp You can send quick messages. If you can’t type, there are voice messages. in this exactly The WhatsApp from now on. Users can look forward to six new functions.

Love them or hate them, they’re famous anyway: Voice messages in The WhatsApp. Now Messenger is rolling out a whole host of innovations aimed at making voice messaging “better.”

Whatsapp is revolutionizing voice messaging

Six new features add small touches to make it easier to record, send, and listen to voice messages. Messenger reveals on their blog what will change.

  • Listen outside the chat: far Now voice messages continue even if you are not in the chat. This means that users can read and write other messages and listen to the note
  • Stop recording: Recordings can be paused and resumed. So you can simply take breaks in between, for example to organize your thoughts
  • Voice messages in wave form: This feature is fairly straightforward. Voice messages are now displayed in waveform
  • Listen again before sending: This feature allows you to hear the correction of your voice memos again before pressing send
  • Replay from last listened position: You can now resume a half-played message when you return to chat
  • Quick replay, even with redirect: Previously, forwarded voice messages did not benefit from quick playback. But now you can listen to them at 1.5x or twice as fast
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Whatsapp: New features coming soon

When will the new features be available? WhatsApp says “in the coming weeks” only. The only thing left is to wait. The exact date has not been established, but it cannot be long.

But one thing is for sure: beta users will lose. Because like Giga reports, new functionality isn’t tested first in beta.


more of The WhatsApp:


All Whatsapp users can enjoy the new products directly. (ts)


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