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The researchers succeeded in using lithium-sulfur batteries in a reasonable way. Problem: They don’t know how they did it.

Your smartphone contains what is called lithiumionicBuilt in battery. However, this is a limited and heavy capacity. But there is lithium, toomatchsticksBattery packs that can last up to three times longer, but charge less. So your smartphone will have a battery for several days at a time, but it will run out after several charges.

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Researchers from the United States have now experimented with lithium-sulfur batteries. They even managed to charge the battery 4000 times without it breaking. That’s more than your smartphone battery can handle. The new “super battery” has a large capacity and can be charged a lot. Everything is fine, isn’t it?

not exactly. Smart people don’t know exactly why absolutely everything worked during an experiment. You have to find out first before your smartphone battery can last longer.

But a dead battery probably doesn’t hurt either. Then take a break from social media and its partners.

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