lol: Udyr renewal shouldn't take long

League of Legends is going through one of its busiest times in years, and Riot Games has yet to say when it will slow down. The developer has just made major changes to the character’s durability, released Bel’Veth, and is preparing for Nilah’s arrival. However, the next hero to arrive in the game also hints at a more anticipated upcoming release. After more than a year and a half of waiting, Udyr’s renewal is about to hit Summoner’s Rift

Udyr renewal coming sooner than expected

To understand why Udyr players are so optimistic about the imminent release of action, just look at the statements of some of the top League of Legends officials. Game director Ryan Meirelles has said that the revamp will be the last major release in a series that started with Bel’Veth. The literal words were that the three heroes would arrive ‘Extremely intense’. As such, and as we know it will arrive with Patch 12.13, We can expect a Spirit Keeper rework to be available with patch 12.15.

Udyr’s renewal will arrive right after Nilah’s release

Update 12.15 will arrive on the live League of Legends servers and it looks like a Udyr renewal is likely to be released. Normally, Riot Games does not release a series of versions one by oneBecause if that were the case, the pace would be very fast, with one of them arriving on the live servers, while the second one would arrive at the same time on the PBE. It also facilitates the implementation of any kind of promotional or modification campaigns without increasing the workload beyond what the various departments of the company can handle.

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Everything we know so far about the renewal of Udyr

To complete the clues regarding the upcoming Udyr redesign, we have an official confirmation from the developer. Riot Games said in its latest upcoming Heroes blog that the character is almost ready. The work was lengthy due to the multiple forms of the character, along with the difficulty of recreating his final appearance. but, Last April we learned that the gameplay changes have been completedLeave the post-production work to be done.

Udyr has progressed very poorly... - League of Legends
I progressed in Oder rather poorly …

Unfortunately, Riot Games has not revealed many details regarding how Udyr will be played. We know that the positions a character can take will change, becoming associated with different deities from Freljodr, and the possibility of introducing a new feature called “Super Position” has also been revealed.. While it’s uncertain if the developer will ever take this route for good, this mechanic gives the character the ability to cast their abilities a second time for additional effects. However, we’ll have to wait for it to arrive in League of Legends to learn more about how it plays.

finally, It should be noted that a new hero’s roadmap will also follow the rework of Udyr. We should learn more about the next top lane tank, but also about the Aurelion Sol update.

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