Wartales shares a first roadmap, with a new mode and new regions
Wartales, developed by Shiro Games, the creator of Northgard in particular, has been available on Steam since 1He is December, and soon won many players, as evidenced by the positive reviews on Steam. However, despite the players’ delight, many are still wondering what is in store for them in the coming weeks, since then Wartales Will evolve further, requires early access.

And therefore, Developers just shared a first roadmap, divided into three categories. What will happen in the very short term (December-January), what will happen at the beginning of the year and what will happen in the long term, during 2022.

So, as you can see below, Iron Man mode will be introduced soon, just like the tutorial, great for beginners and more customizations. To update the content, which will arrive in the first quarter of 2022, we will have the right To a new area, max level increase or even new creatures, in order to enjoy a more complete experience. Finally, in the long run, in 2022, other regions will be added, some events, but also new skills. Briefly, Wartales content should develop well.

Wartales As a reminder, it’s available on PC, through Steam, in early access for €34.99.

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