Die Rückseite von Facebooks VR-Brille Quest 2

During a conversation on Twitter, VR stars Andrew Bosworth and John Carmack talked about the market success of Oculus Quest 2, upcoming features, and Quest Pro.

Oculus Quest 2 is Facebook’s most successful virtual reality glasses: it sold better than all previous Oculus devices combined. But that alone doesn’t have to mean much. In a conversation on Twitter, Carmack puts the success of the VR glasses on other electronic devices. The former Oculus chief technology officer, who now only serves as a consultant to Facebook, said Oculus Quest 2 “works really well,” but not like the iPhone or the Nintendo Switch.

Five years ago, it wouldn’t make sense for developers to be able to make a living from virtual reality games, says Andrew Bosworth, president of Facebook XR. With Oculus Quest, this dream comes true. Since virtual reality is a new hardware platform, success cannot be expected overnight. It would even be a breakthrough in the mainstream It takes a little longer and requires more investment.

Quest 2 should stay on the market for a long time

When asked about Quest 2 exclusive benefits for Resident Evil 4 VR, Bosworth said that Facebook may allow developers to release only some cutting-edge apps for Oculus Quest 2 (info). However, it is highly recommended to develop virtual reality glasses for both. Anyone posting a title for the Standard Mission will have access to an additional seven-digit number of VR users. With this, Bosworth confirms that the first Oculus Quest was released in 2019 It has sold at least a million copies.

Oculus Quest 2 replaced the standard Quest 2 and a half after its launch, a relatively short period of time for a device that has yet to be proven on the market. If Facebook maintains this product cycle, could Quest 3 go into production this year?

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Bosworth pleases: Quest 2 will remain on the market for a “long time.” A Quest 3, asserting that Bosworth is not without a PR account, does not yet exist, even if Facebook has definitely been working on the device and its successor for a long time. At least that’s what Facebook chief, Mark Zuckerberg, suggested in a recent interview.

Work has been confirmed on Quest Pro

After Bosworth hinted a few months ago that Facebook was upgrading its technology Eye Quest Works, becomes tangible for the first time in a Twitter conversation: “We have a lot of things in development and want to introduce new functionality for VR headsets, in line with people’s expectations. But that’s still a bit. It’s not going to happen again this year,” Bosworth said.

With “prospects” Bosworth is likely to look at features like Eye tracking And the Best cameras and sensors for AR mode Think. The Quest Pro shouldn’t technically make much sense, the market is still far too young for that. However, the professional device could become a platform for experimentation with new features that could later find their way into normal search in fully developed form.

According to rumors, Apple is also planning to release advanced self-sufficient virtual reality glasses in 2022 (see the Apple VR glasses article). With Quest Pro, Facebook can launch a potential competitor’s product.

Air Link: Wi-Fi dongle can improve streaming

For normal pursuit, development continues, only in terms of optics, ergonomics, and price rather than future hardware features. For example, there is still room for maneuver when it comes to heat generation. The goal of the Quest product line is to expand the user base. On the software side, developers are required to make the most out of existing hardware. However, similar to generations of controllers, that could take years.

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One of the promising new areas that Facebook is looking to enter with Oculus Quest is business and productivity. As for the Infinite Office Feature Pack, which aims to gradually convert virtual reality glasses into a virtual office, two updates have already been released that provide support for Bluetooth mice and keyboard trackers.

At some point, virtual reality glasses should be able to To replace a tablet or Chromebook. This goal can be achieved at some point through improved optics and resolution. The developers’ AR mode that they have promised since last year is set to launch soon, so new office and business applications can be created for Oculus Quest 2.

Carmack also spoke on the sidelines about Quest’s newest feature: Air Link wireless transmission for PC. Initially, the responsible team thought about introducing a Wi-Fi dongle for virtual reality glasses to the market, which would simplify and improve data transmission, but eventually decided not to use it. However, accessories are not on the table and may appear in the future.

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Order Oculus Quest 2 from Germany

Oculus Quest 2 will not be sold in Germany at this time. It is not known how long this sales ban will last.

On Amazon France, you can purchase Oculus Quest 2 as normal. Hint: Right-click on the website and select “Translate”.

Oculus Quest – 64GB | Oculus Quest – 256 GB

NB: You can order from Amazon France using your German account. The virtual reality glasses support German in the menus. A regional block on Facebook’s side is currently inactive – Quest 2 is working as usual. Amazon France delivers within a few days, and some devices even ship from warehouse in Germany.

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