Cersei saves the party: Turbine Potsdam beat Essen 3-2 - Sport

For a long time, it looked as if a fan fest to celebrate the 50th anniversary of Turbine Potsdam after the Bundesliga match against SGS Essen would be a bleak thing for the hosts. The Potsdam Ladies were already 2-0 down until a race to catch up and then a beautiful goal from Selena Cersei shortly before the end gave Brandenburg three points. Turbine won 3:2 (0:1) and worked his way up to sixth with his second Bundesliga win in the fourth round.

Sofiane Chahed suspected it would be difficult for his players on Sunday. “We have to turn every blade of grass,” Turbine’s coach said. Indeed: Essen did not put herself behind and this initially caused problems for the women of Potsdam. Just six minutes later, Jill Bigings hit a free kick for the guests. The Essen ladies were in a very good position in the first half, and the hosts were uncreative in the match forward. The last ball did not reach the turbine. It was evident that the few fans in Essen, who were visibly satisfied in the first half, could be heard at Karl Liebknecht Stadium.

It was a match filled with many strong duels, at times very difficult. Essen was closer to 2-0 in the first half than the home side were closer to a draw. Bijings again hit a dangerous free kick from distance in front of the Potsdam women’s goal, but this time the Dutch international’s attempt did not land in the goal.

The turbines pressed the guide

The turbine started more lively in the second half, Nina Egotz firing a first warning shot in the direction of the Essen gate. But then many again flattened, but the Essenes proved that it was not by chance that they were not defeated in the state capital. And in the 53rd minute of the match, it was very bitter for the witness team: Mike Berntzen, who moved from Meppen to Essen before the season, hit a cross into the penalty area and scored the 2-0 goal for the guests of Turpin. Goalkeeper Vanessa Fisher had no chance.

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Potsdam responded after only two minutes. Sophie Widwar hit the upper left corner, and was already the second goal of the season for the 19-year-olds. Turpin went up: Cersei scored to make it 2-2.

Then the hosts pressed into the lead – and were initially unlucky. Igotz hit the crossbar twice within a few seconds. But then in the 86th minute of the match it was time, after a fine combination Cersei scored a well-deserved 3-2 goal for Potsdam to the cheers of 1,258 spectators. (Teaspoon)


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