Less prosperous Christmas than the Govt had before for the poor


South Africa also celebrates this December 25th. The country, in the middle of southern summer, celebrates Christmas around a good meal with family. But the economic situation has obscured the ceremony. South Africa, one of the most unequal countries in the world, was in a recession before the epidemic and has been hit hard by the crisis. The Omigron variant and the July riots weighed on growth slightly, which should be lower than expected in 2021. So it is less prosperous Christmas than it was before the crisis for the most backward families in the cities.

With our correspondent in Johannesburg, Claire Bargelès

Percy came with a friend to do his last Christmas shopping. But in the parking lot of this Soweto supermarket, his trunk is too empty for his will.

Prices are too high. Not really enough so we try to find something to add a little bit. However, we spent almost 170 euros, but here it is …

Like almost 35% of the population, Percy is unemployed. He lost his job as a cook during the epidemics.

A few cars away, Linda returns with half the full cart. ” We raise money with my family, but due to the economy it’s still a little Christmas. We bought the essentials, that’s all. But I’m glad to have it.

Junia, a mother who always takes it in advance, had to revise her budget this year. “ I plan to get there as soon as possible two or three months before Christmas. But I tried to cut back from the usual, maybe 40% would say. For example, I always buy crackers for the kids, but not this year because I don’t have enough money.

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With the bulk purchase, she was able to refuel even more. ” There, for example, it was oil, I bought a whole box. And all the cornmeal out there, to pop. These are not the sizes I like, but hey, this is better than anything.

After all, after a difficult year, as a family, everyone is happy to meet around for a meal.

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