During the annual meeting of the Conservatives on Sunday, February 28, Donald Trump was not satisfied with condemning the democratic immigrant Joe Biden’s immigration policy or resuming his theory of conspiracy. The November 3 presidential election is said to have been rigged. He asserted that his confession had been obtained through torture, and that his confession had been obtained through torture “Destruction of the Women’s Game”.

« Young women and girls are now angry that they have to compete with biological men. This is not good for women », He said, adds little without the element of truth “Records that lasted for decades are now easily crushed” By transgender people.

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These criticisms are in line with the discriminatory measures taken during his tenure. After a long struggle, the former president was able to withdraw transgender people from the military, identify themselves from various levels of the federal government, and remove any hint of sexual identity in lieu of their birth. He was also appointed to the ranks of federal judges, many conservative judges known for their hostility towards these sexual minorities, some of whom he described as a deputy. “Satanic Plan”.

“Cultural War”

This theme took the place of condemning gay marriage, which was mentioned in a 2015 Supreme Court ruling. Eleven years ago, the struggle against the recognition of any union between members of the same sex was instrumental in the emergence of the outgoing Republican president, George W. Bush, during the 2004 presidential election campaign. The American general opinion on this type of union was gradually adopted, with its support rising from 42% to 67% from 2004 to 2020. According to the company’s barometer of the time, this element lost the Republican Party in ranks, including the Conservatives (49% in 2020 instead of 19% in 2004). Cultural war This opposes him to the Democrats.

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Quickly following, two controversies have put the transgender community at the forefront of its critique. Georgia’s Representative Marjorie Taylor Green, who has become the face of Republican extremism mixed with the plot, sought to prevent a bill on February 24 from being passed by the House of Representatives on the Equality Act aimed at protecting sexual minorities.

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