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Controversy over visit Arnold Schwarzenegger to me Auschwitz. The actor received the inaugural anti-hate award and thus went to the monument to honor the victims of the camp. However, the sentence left in the guestbook became serendipitous: “I’ll be back,” Schwarzenegger wrote, citing one of his character’s most famous lines, The Terminator.

Many considered the actor’s comment insufficient and disrespectful, but to clarify the museum’s official social account, co-signed and the words of the former California governor, gave an explanation to critics: “This visit was supposed to be relatively short. The writing was a promise to return to another, more in-depth meeting “. The case is closed: the award to Schwarzenegger remains, he is of Austrian origin and naturalized in the United States.

“I witness the ruins of a country destroyed by the Nazis – wrote after receiving the Anti-Hate Prize – I saw for myself how this hatred got out of hand and I share these painful memories with the world in the hope of preventing future tragedies and educating soldiers in personal responsibility. I am with the foundation of the Auschwitz Jewish Center and their educational mission to ensure “Never again.”

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