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Austria passed the group stage of the European Championship for the first time By beating Ukraine 1-0, on Monday in Bucharest, and qualifying for the round of 16, in which he will face Italy on Saturday in London.

Ukraine defeated North Macedonia and lost to the Netherlands In the first two days, the same balance as Austria, now based on it being among the top four third parties.

Group C ends in . The Netherlands is in the lead with 9 points and Austria is second with 6 points. Ukraine comes in third place with three units Macedonia finished the race in the Red Lantern with zero points.

The only goal of the match was scored by Christoph Baumgartner (21), which was replaced 12 minutes later by a blow to the head.

Austria finally “wrote history”, at the request of their coachFranco Fouda. Outstanding and dynamic, he was superior to Ukraine in the first half and could go into the break with a good income if their striker Marko Arnautovic has some gunpowder.

In one against the striker he got a penalty and was unable to tie a good shot (42) and then, sent by Alessandro Schopf, who crossed the right wing, missed again what seemed infallible (47 + 2).

Arnautovic off position – After returning from an insult penalty match against a player from North Macedonia, Arnautovic appeared to be upset by the controversy he had sparked.

Baumgartner was strong when he finished a corner kick with the sole Throwed hard and centered by the ubiquitous Austrian captain David Alaba, attacking the left-back on Monday rather than centrally as in the first two games.

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The striker, the 21-year-old Hoffenheim midfielder, had to leave the field twelve minutes later., after a head-to-head collision at an angle. Replace it with Schopf.

Ukraine, tempting in the first two matches, showed an inaccurate face, having only three “decent” chances in the whole match.

In the second half he tried to take a step forward. He circumnavigated the Austrian region despite not breaking the organized defense led by Alaba.

His best option was a cross shot from the right. By Roman Yarmashuk, who did not find the goal (87).

Despite their defeat, players led by legend Andrei Shevchenko came to the stands to thank their fans for their support. Waiting for carom to make them among the top 16 on the continent.



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