Debuting Daytime Drive-in Theater in Loudoun, Tennessee

There’s a daytime drink, a daytime TV, and a daycare. Now, there is a file Daytime by car in the theater.

the new loco drive in In Loudon, Tenn (ed.). It’s open for business, allowing viewers who can’t wait to wait until the night to watch movies in comfort in the great outdoors during the day.

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The 35′ and 63′ LED video panel screen is capable of projecting movies in bright sunlight. The screen uses Samsung technology to display a 4K picture similar to a traditional TV.

“There is no facility we know about like this right now in the United States. That’s what Hollywood tells us, said Gordon Wittner, founder and CEO of The Whitener Company, To Knox News. “This is going to be really unique…the car will be the key, but we’ll be doing concerts, car shows, boat shows and more.”

The car accommodates 400 cars and uses loud speakers instead of radios to broadcast sound.

CNN Reports indicate that auto theaters generated 85% of box office revenue last year, while in 2019, it accounted for just 2.9%.

loco Drive-In now shows classic movies like Smokey and banditsAnd disciples And Thunder days. New movies are coming later this summer, along with sports streams, concerts, and more.

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