Health pass: This trick allows you to submit your QR code more quickly

If it still takes a long time to find your health pass in your phone, the new functionality of TousAntiCovid should satisfy you.

It allows to access the famous QR code faster. First Step: Download the August 10 app update. Then open TousAntiCovid and select “My Notebook”. A small heart appears on your vaccination certificate. Activating it allows you to put the certificate in the “Favorites”.

Congratulations, you’ve just saved time: Your “Favorite” testimonial is displayed on top of TousAntiCovid as soon as the application is launched. You no longer need to open the My Notebook tab.

Note that to access this feature, your health passport must be converted to the European format. To do this, nothing could be simpler, click on the three vertical dots and then on “Convert to European format”. The little heart appears immediately.

Show the health card on the home screen

If you want to save even more time, the update allows you to display your health card directly on your phone screen. On Android, this option requires a widget to be created. To do this, press a few seconds on the home screen and select the “Tools” icon that appears. Several tools are available: by scrolling through, choose the TousAntiCovid tool including your QR code. You can then put it on your screen as you wish.

On iOS, the same principle: by pressing on your screen, a small “+” sign appears and gives you the possibility to view your health card. Be careful, do not skip the steps, you must first put your favorite certificate to install it on your screen.

The health permit is also valid on the paper version. Thus, downloading TousAntiCovid is not an obligation.

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