Viennese in a

On May 25, France 2 will launch a new magazine Meeting in unknown land Headline with Vienna. One shoot, which was specifically tried for Catherine Robert’s husband, was believed to have collapsed on the way back.

In early January, Vienna made a big announcement to her fans. A few weeks before the adventure began The voice, He flew with the team to Ethiopia Meeting in unknown land. “I will no longer have access to any network for two weeks – I will miss you! “, Had informed the person who was about to leave Meet a nomadic people afar. We can at least say that this epic had a huge impact on the 30-year-old singer. Already because it told him to make big efforts upstream. The star of the next issue, Catherine Robert’s husband, has no room for error. He spent a special Christmas holiday because he did not have to take any risks when faced with the Govt-19 epidemic. Departure date not specified January 1st, The day after the New Year celebration. But that’s what the translator tried so hard for Father-in-law, Which is the shooting of the show.

Viani collapsed on the way home

Although he did not speak the same language as his speechwriters, Vienna was able to speak with them. Thus he faced the conflict of cultures regarding polygamy. “This kind of journey and this kind of encounter allows us to know who we are and what we don’t like in life.. Although some of these individuals’ practices were contrary to my beliefs, I loved and accepted them.“, Explained to the singer TV 7 days. But because the experience was so rich he found it very difficult to leave the place.

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With a bewilderment. I stood firmly in front of the cameras and then I crashed into the taxi. I soon found my life in Paris I had to proceed The voice A few hours after I landed. It was easy for me not to have a choice. “, Viennie said. An adventure to be Always engraved in his memory !


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