Covid: mandatory vaccine! Exciting news just arrived, and it never happened in Europe (video)

The news came suddenly, like a very cold rain. On the other hand, given the epidemiological situation of some European countries, some rulers were expected to choose what appears to be almost the last resort in the fight against COVID.
We are talking aboutEveryone must have a vaccine. This is the first time this has happened in Europe And the first nation to put it into practice will beAustriaStarting in February 2022.
This was announced by the Chancellor Alexander Schallenberg, Talk to the media. Moreover, the country It will be closed from Monday 22nd November And that would be true Both for vaccinationAnd Both vaccinated.
These are extreme measures to counteract Fourth wave of infections That has been rampant across the country for some time now.

Is Italy also risking something similar? We were the first to introduce compulsory vaccination for health professionals. We need to think about whether we have to do this with other groups, those who are in contact with the public, such as the police or those who work in large-scale distribution. These will be assessments that we must pay attention to the data, but we must look to the future with confidence and we must continue to respect the rules.”, said the Undersecretary of the Ministry of HealthAnd Andrea Costa.


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